Make a Donation

Your donation through Friends of Community Radio helps continue the work of the NCRA and will make a huge difference to how many stations we are able to help and what we will be able to do in the future.

Here are some ways you can donate:

1) You can become a Friend by subscribing through PayPal

Become a Friend of Community Radio and support the work of the NCRA:
paypal to

2) Or! You can mail one year’s worth of post-dated cheques made out to ‘The National Campus and Community Radio Association’ and a filled-out Registration Form to:

180 Metcalfe St. Suite 608
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K2P 1P5

3) Not ready to become a Friend today but still want to support the immediate work of the NCRA? Make a one-time donation! You can donate through our PayPal account

4) Or! Mail a one-time donation by cheque made out to ‘The National Campus and Community Radio Association’ and address it to: 

251 Bank Street, Suite 506
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K2P 1X3

Your contribution to the NCRA will support:

1) Getting campus and community radio stations on-air and helping them stay there
2) Amplifying under-represented voices
3) Fostering and celebrating compelling, local, grassroots radio
4) Connecting campus and community stations across the country, face-to-face and online 

Here’s how: 

Get and Stay On-Air
Fostering and Celebrating Great Radio
Connecting Radio