Digital Distribution via !eDDS

Are you an artist or a label looking to get your music sent to campus/community radio stations across Canada? We have the solutions, it’s our !earshot Digital Distribution system.

Use the promo code:


And get 25% off your first 10 uploads, and 5% off all remaining uploads. (feel free to share this link)


Music Industry
In an effort to reduced costs, the !eDDS should save approximately 70% of costs in comparison to servicing ½ of the community sector.  This means that artists, labels and distributors can reach double the number of stations, and jump the station barrier to reach upwards of 10,000 programmers directly.  Benefits of the system include:

  • No need for physical CD (Production cost, delivery, and breakage)
  • Access to many more points of airplay
  • Acceptance of singles
  • Ability to reach many more markets and a very reduced timeline
  • Communication in-house with station and programmers
  • Ability to oversee multiple users to streamline uploads
  • Easy and automated reporting
  • Much more

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